Teacher Achievers


1)    Mr. S.K. Dwivedi , Librarian attended an International conference on Good Governance and submitted a Research paper titled ‘E- Governance :Transforming the Rural India “
. The conference was held at Kathmandu , Nepal , jointly organized by Tribhuvan University and University of Bergen, Narway dated 29.-30 June -2011
2)      Mr V.V Sharma PGT(Maths) received appreciation certificate from S.O.F/IMO
3)     A Letter of Appreciation was given by EduHeal Foundation, Intractive Olympiads, to Mrs Deepa Dayal PGT(Eng.) for promoting educational initiatives of the foundation.
4) Mr P. Vikram,PRT & Mrs Ashu Mehrotra got Regional Incentive Award 2013-14.
5) The following teachers completed 2nd spell of inservice course from 23.12.2014 to 01.01.2015.
S. No. Name Desig.
1 Mr. R. K. Yadav PGT(Maths)
2 Mrs. M. L. Pandey TGT(Eng)
3 Mrs. Meena Dwivedi TGT(Eng)
4 Mr. Virendra Dwivedi TGT(Maths)
5 Mr. D. R. Awasthi TGT(Skt.)
6 Mrs. Sunaini Chaturvedi PRT
7 Mrs. Rekha Gupta PRT
8 Mr. R. N. Ram PRT
9 Mr. Ram Naresh PRT
10 Mrs. Kalpana Sharma PRT
11 Mrs. S. R. Khare PRT
12 Mr. Ram Charan PRT
13 Mrs. Anju Agnihotri PRT
14 Mrs. Shashi Chaturvedi PRT

 6) Ms. Jyotsna Mukherjee, PRT and Mrs. Sunita Singh, Music Teacher got Incentive Award for the year 2014-15 given by Hon'ble Commissioner, KVS, sH. Avinash Dixit at K.V. Gomtinagar, Lucknow.